Where is Summer Palace

the location of summer palace

The Summer Palace is located in the northwest of Beijing, between the third ring road and the fourth ring road. The specific address is 19 Xinjiangongmen Road, Haidian District, Beijing. The postcode is 100091.

Decades ago, its location definitely fell into the category of the suburb, which was surrounded by crops and could be accessed through only one or two roads. But as the economy booms and Beijing expands, it has been incorporated into the city.

To its east is Pecking University, the most prestigious university in China. To its south is Zhongguan village, the hub of science and technology, like Silicon Valley in America. And to its north is the cluster of IT companies.

It is about 18 kilometers from the Forbidden City and can be accessed by two subway lines and many bus routes. If you are planning a trip, you do not need to worry about transportation.

Other interesting facts about Summer Palace

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