How to get to Beidaihai From Beijing

How to get to beidaihe from beijing

Navigating from the bustling metropolis of Beijing to the serene coastal retreat of Beidaihe offers a journey filled with diverse transportation options. Whether by the rhythmic chug of a train, the steady hum of a long-distance bus, the freedom of a self-driven adventure, or the swift glide of a high-speed rail, travelers can embark on a seamless voyage to this picturesque destination. With each mode of transportation presenting its unique charms and conveniences, the passage to Beidaihe promises not only convenience but also a delightful prelude to the scenic wonders awaiting at its shores.

By Train:

  1. Train K7726: Departing from Beijing Fengtai Station, this train passes through Tianjin, Tangshan, Lu’an County, and other stations before reaching Beidaihe. Departure time is at 00:13, arriving in Beidaihe at 07:16 the next day. The journey takes approximately 31.05 hours.
  2. Train K7719: Starting from Beijing Station, this train travels through Tangshan North, Lu’an County, Changli, and other stations before arriving in Beidaihe. Departure time is at 08:15, reaching Beidaihe at 11:29, with a total duration of about 3.23 hours.
  3. Train T5687: Commencing from Beijing Station, this train passes through Yanjiao, Yutian County, Tangshan North, Lu’an County, Changli, and other stations before reaching Beidaihe. Departure time is at 09:41, arriving in Beidaihe at 12:38, taking approximately 2.95 hours.
  4. Other Trains: Various other train services like C115, K429, K5281, and K1023 also operate on this route. Departure and arrival times may vary, so it’s advisable to check and book tickets in advance.

By Long-Distance Bus:

Multiple long-distance buses depart from various bus stations in Beijing to Beidaihe, including Liuliqiao Bus Station, Beijing Guangqumen (Maquan) Long-Distance Bus Station, Beijing West Zhan Bus Station, BaWangFen Bus Station, and SiHui Bus Station. Buses run from as early as 8:00 am to as late as 10:00 pm, with the journey taking approximately 4-5 hours.

By Car:

For those driving from Beijing to Beidaihe, the distance is around 290 kilometers, with an estimated travel time of about 4 hours. Optimal routes can be chosen using navigation software.

By High-Speed Train + Taxi/Bus:

Travelers can take high-speed trains from Beijing South Station or Beijing Station to Qinhuangdao Station. From there, they can transfer to taxis or buses to reach Beidaihe. The high-speed train journey typically takes 2-3 hours, followed by an additional transfer to Beidaihe by taxi or bus.

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