Jidamu Grassland, Shangri-La

jidamu grassland, shangri-la

Jidamu Grassland (吉达姆草原), located in Xiaozhongdian Town, Yunnan Province, is acclaimed as the “First Village Entering Tibet” and one of the most beautiful alpine meadows in Southwest China. The name “Jidamu” translates to “Holy Land of Blessing”, reflecting the area’s rich Tibetan cultural heritage and mystique. Covering an area of 7,128 acres and situated at an elevation of 3,300 meters, Jidamu Grassland offers a breathtaking landscape featuring distant snow-capped mountains, nearby highland meadows, and herds of cattle and sheep grazing peacefully.

Historically, Jidamu Grassland was a crucial stop on the trade route for merchants entering Tibet and a primary station on the pilgrimage path for Tibetan Buddhists. The grassland is imbued with Tibetan cultural elements. Visitors can observe large stone piles and fluttering prayer flags, known as Mani heaps (also called “Manza” or “stone offerings” by the Tibetans), which symbolize prayers and blessings. Regardless of their age, Tibetans make it a point to walk around these Mani heaps several times in reverence whenever they encounter them. Devout followers with the means often tie prayer flags to these heaps, adding to their spiritual significance.

Situated within Shangri-La, at the heart of the Three Parallel Rivers of Jinsha, Lancang, and Nujiang, Jidamu Grassland is a confluence of diverse natural landscapes. The scenic area encompasses grasslands, pastures, primeval forests, gorges with waterfalls, lakes, streams, the Larong Wetland, sea of clouds at sunrise, sacred mountains, prayer flags, a forest of stupas, and the Twelve Barriers, all rich in Tibetan culture. Visitors can also enjoy distant views of majestic snow peaks such as Haba Snow Mountain, Qianhu Mountain, Shika Snow Mountain, and the sacred Yading Mountains.

Tourism at Jidamu Grassland focuses on cultural immersion and leisure activities. Visitors can engage in horseback riding and archery, explore hidden gorges, and enjoy traditional Tibetan song and dance performances. These experiences allow tourists to fully appreciate the vibrant Tibetan culture and the stunning natural beauty of the grassland.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours9.00 – 20.00

Location and Transportation

Jidamu Grassland is located in Tuanjie Village, Xiaozhongdian, Shangri-La City, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. To get there:

By Car Hire: In Shangri-La City, you can find various travel agencies or taxi companies that offer car hire services. Inform them that your destination is Jidamu Grassland, and they will provide you with a professional driver and vehicle to ensure you reach your destination smoothly.

By Public Transport: Although there might not be direct public transport to Jidamu Grassland, you can take a bus from Shangri-La City to Tuanjie Village and then get off en route.

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