Jingjiang Rousi – A traditional dish in Beijing

jingjiang rousi

Jingjiang Rousi (京酱肉丝) is a famous traditional Chinese dish that originates from Beijing, China. It is also known as “Zhajiang Rousi” and has become popular worldwide. This dish is made up of finely shredded pork and a combination of seasonings such as scallions, ginger, and garlic, and is mixed with sauce to give it a unique taste.

The main ingredient used in making Jiangjiang Rousi is lean pork. It is essential to cut the pork into thin shreds with tender texture and not too dry. The shredded pork is then mixed with seasonings such as ginger, scallions, garlic, and salt, and is marinated for a period of time to allow the meat to absorb the flavor.

The marinated pork is then stir-fried in a pan until it turns golden brown. After that, it is added with “Jingjiang” and sweet bean sauce and stir-fried until the sauce is evenly coated on the pork. Other vegetables like carrot shreds and onions can be added and stir-fried before adding water and starch to thicken the sauce and give it a vibrant color.

The dish is usually served by placing the shredded pork on a thin pancake, sprinkled with scallions and cucumber shreds, and then rolled up for consumption. The thin pancake is soft and chewy, and it balances the savory taste of the shredded pork and the sweetness of the sauce.

Jingjiang Rousi is a popular dish in China and is served in many restaurants and street food vendors. The dish has a rich cultural background and is an important part of Chinese cuisine. The unique flavor of the dish is what sets it apart from other dishes, and its preparation has been passed down from generation to generation.

In recent years, the dish has gained popularity worldwide, and it is now possible to find it in many restaurants outside of China. This popularity can be attributed to the delicious taste and the cultural significance of the dish.

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