Tianyan Scenic Area, Shennongjia – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

tianyan scenic area

Tianyan Scenic Area (天燕风景区) is nestled in the northwest of Shennongjia, boasting an elevation of 2200 meters. Renowned for its unique trees, flowers, caves, and the fascinating customs of the local mountain dwellers, this pristine ecological tourist destination is themed around exploration and curiosity.

Similar to other tourist areas in the Shennongjia Forest Region, Tianyan Scenic Area covers a vast expanse with two entrances – one to the south and the other to the north. Both entrances are conveniently located near the 209 National Highway, with a distance of over ten kilometers between them. The southern entrance leads to the Tianmenya Scenic Area, while the northern entrance provides access to the Yanziya Scenic Area. Visitors can explore both areas either by road or by walking along mountain trails (for those driving, vehicles are permitted within the area).

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price60 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-400-994-2333

Location and Transportation

Tianyan Scenic Area is located in Hongping Town (红坪镇), Shennongjia Forestry District, Hubei Province, China. Specifically, it is situated alongside National Highway 209. To get there, you can choose the following way:

  1. Long-Distance Bus from Wuhan to Xingshan County:
    • Depart from Xinhua Road Long-Distance Bus Station in Wuhan.
    • There is a nightly sleeper bus departing at 8:00 PM to Xingshan County.
    • The journey takes approximately overnight, arriving at Xingshan County at 6:00 AM the next day.
    • The ticket price is 90 yuan per person.
  2. Local Minibus from Xingshan County to Shennongjia Muyu Town:
    • Upon reaching Xingshan County, minibusses are available to transport you to Muyu Town in Shennongjia.
    • Minibusses depart every half hour, covering the 60-kilometer distance.
    • The ticket fare for this leg of the journey is 10 yuan per person.
  3. Internal Transportation within Shennongjia Scenic Area:
    • Once in Shennongjia, convenient transportation options are available within the scenic area.
    • Buses departing before 7:30 AM pass through various scenic spots.

Highlights of Tianyan Scenic Spot

Tianmenya Scenic Area

tianmeya in tianyan scenic area

The Tianmenya Scenic Area, situated at an altitude of around 2000 meters, serves as the first stop for those journeying from Muyu Town towards the north. At the entrance of the area, there is a “Human-shaped Animal Museum” showcasing introductions to creatures resembling humans, such as the “Mountain Sprite,” “Mountain Ghost,” “Human Bear,” and others. The area is lush with abundant vegetation, and the perpetual mist adds an ethereal quality. After a heavy rain followed by a clear day, visitors may witness a magnificent sea of clouds – a rare and spectacular sight.

Yanziya Scenic Area

yanziya in tianyan scenic area

The Yanziya Scenic Area, accessible through the northern entrance, is larger in size compared to Tianmenya and features a variety of attractions, including the Wild Man Cave, Swallow Cave, Rhinoceros Cave, Rainbow Bridge, and more. While the Wild Man Cave no longer showcases wild men, the Swallow Cave still allows glimpses of the ancient oceanic golden silk swallow variant known as the Short-beaked Golden Silk Swallow. The cave is deep and dark, requiring visitors to bring their own flashlights for better visibility.

Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge in tianyan scenic area

Within the Yanzuya Scenic Area, the Rainbow Bridge stands out as a horizontally spanning, all-steel structure offering panoramic views. As one of the highest-altitude scenic bridges in Asia, it serves as a symbolic landmark of the Tianyan Scenic Spot. Upon ascending the bridge, visitors are greeted with a breathtaking view of the vast primeval forest featuring species such as boxwood, Chinese yew, and fir trees, set against the backdrop of blue skies and white clouds. Additionally, mountain roads and trails on both sides of the pass allow visitors to explore the entire area.


accessibility in tianyan scenic area

Covering a vast expanse, Tianyan Scenic Spot is easily accessible for self-driving tourists along the 209 National Highway. However, for those without a vehicle or opting not to hire one (charter fees in the Shennongjia Forest Region range from 300 to 500 yuan per day), exploring the area can be challenging. Visitors can tailor their itinerary based on personal preferences and circumstances. If choices need to be made, it is recommended to prioritize the Yanzuya Scenic Area for a comprehensive and rewarding experience.

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