Shennong Peak Scenic Area – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

shennong peak scenic area

Nestled within the southwest region of the Shennongjia Nature Reserve, the Shennong Peak Scenic Area (神农顶风景区) spans approximately 883.6 square kilometers and boasts six peaks exceeding an altitude of 3000 meters, earning it the title of the “Central China Rooftop.” The highest peak, Shennong Peak, extends as the residual range of the Daba Mountains, standing as the pinnacle with an elevation of 3106.2 meters – making it the highest peak in the Central China region. Locals often say, “If you haven’t been to Shennong Peak, you haven’t truly experienced Shennongjia.”

The scenic area is renowned for its pristine forest ecosystems and ecological diversity. Lush greenery and babbling streams characterize the landscape, with arrow bamboo groves, fir tree belts, and alpine rhododendron belts adorning the mountain slopes. Visitors may also have the opportunity to witness rare wildlife, including the elusive golden snub-nosed monkey. Shennong Peak Scenic Area beckons adventurers with its breathtaking natural beauty, making it a haven for those seeking a harmonious encounter with diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife in the heart of Central China.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket Price130 RMB (1st May – 31st October)
112 RMB (1st November – 30th April)
Shuttle Bus within the Scenic Area90 RMB
Opening Hours6.30 – 17.30 (1st May – 31st October)
7.00 – 17.30 (1st November – 30th April)
Telephone Number0086-0719-3452143

Location and Transportation

Situated at the junction of Chongqing and Hubei provinces, between the Yangtze River and the Han River, the Shennong Peak Scenic Area is located within the Shennongjia Forestry District of Hubei Province. It shares borders with Fangxian County, Xingshan County, Badong County, Zhushan County, and Wuxi County in Chongqing.

Begin your journey to Shennong Peak Scenic Area by taking a high-speed train to Xingshan Station (兴山站). From Xingshan, a 1.5-hour car ride will transport you to Muyu Town (木鱼镇) in Shennongjia. Finally, board the shuttle bus from Muyu Town to Songbai Town (松柏镇), disembarking at the entrance of the scenic area – an approximately 30-minute drive.

Highlights of Shennong Peak Scenic Area

Scenic Pass (Fengjing Ya)

scenic pass in shennong peak scenic area

Also known as “Badong Ya,” Scenic Pass stands at an elevation of 2950 meters. Here, a spectacular landscape unfolds, characterized by dense stone forests and lush bamboo groves. From the base to the near summit, towering ridges, secluded valleys, winding paths, and vibrant mountain flowers create a mesmerizing scene. The verdant trees are adorned with twisting vines, accompanied by the soothing sound of babbling streams and the melodious chirping of birds. Amidst the cliffs, cascading waterfalls, resembling silver threads, add to the enchantment. In the distance, the vast expanse of the Yangtze River flows as if a flowing ribbon. The interplay of mountain ranges, dense forests, and flowing waters paints a picture where hues of green and gold alternate, shrouded in mist and clouds, creating a breathtaking panorama.

Board Wall Rock (Banbi Yan)

board wall rock in shennong peak scenic area

Board Wall Rock earns its fame as the “Stone Forest” and a reputed location for sightings of the legendary “wild man.” The slopes of Board Wall Rock are covered in extensive arrow bamboo groves, a natural barrier that is said to be frequented by the Shennongjia wild man. This area often reveals traces of the elusive creature, including hair, feces, and bamboo nests. Notably, footprints measuring 24.5 centimeters in length with a stride of 2.68 meters have been discovered. Research indicates that the cell structure of this hair is superior to that of higher primates. The allure of Board Wall Rock lies not only in its breathtaking landscapes but also in the mysterious legends and the potential encounters with the enigmatic Shennongjia wild man.

Golden Monkey Ridge (Jinhou Ling)

golden monkey ridge in shennong peak scenic area

Golden Monkey Ridge serves as the primary habitat for the golden snub-nosed monkeys in the Shennong Peak Scenic Area. Encompassing an area of 5 square kilometers at an elevation of 3019 meters, it stands as a representative of Shennongjia’s vast pristine forests. Dotted with varieties like the Ba Mountain pine and Huashan pine, this region features gentle slopes, abundant rainfall, fertile soil, and cascading waterfalls. It stands out as one of the well-preserved areas in Shennongjia’s original forest, offering a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the region.

Small Dragon Pond (Xiaolong Tan)

small dragon pond in shennong peak scenic area

Nestled within the Shennong Peak Scenic Area, Small Dragon Pond serves as a showcase of Shennongjia’s unique ecological environment and abundant natural resources. It acts as an educational and research base for environmental awareness and ecological knowledge. Housing attractions such as the “Wild Man” Mystery Garden, Hubei Youth Summer Camp site, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Conservation Center, Small Dragon Pond Tea House, and a Wildlife Rescue Center, it offers a range of tourist activities and facilities. Small Dragon Pond plays a pivotal role in promoting environmental conservation and understanding the diverse ecosystems of Shennongjia.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Bring Protection from the Sun and Rain: Shennong Peak can be quite sunny, so it’s advisable to bring an umbrella for shade.

Monitor the Weather Forecast: Before heading up the mountain, check the local weather forecast. If it’s continuously raining, you may not get to see the sea of clouds, only mist. However, if it’s just scattered showers, don’t worry too much as they’re likely to pass quickly, and there’s a good chance the weather will clear up later.

Prepare for Altitude and Mountain Roads: Shennong Peak is quite high, with an altitude of over 3100 meters. The journey to the peak involves driving up winding mountain roads, which can take over two hours in total. If you’re prone to motion sickness, be prepared for the twists and turns. Once you reach the summit, though, the breathtaking scenery makes the journey worthwhile.

Other Attractions in Shennongjia

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