Yanzi Gap (Swallow Pass), Shennongjia – TIcket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

yanzi gap in shennongjia

Yanzi Gap, also known as Swallow Pass (燕子垭), is located in Songbai Town, Shennongjia. Sitting at an elevation of 2150 meters, this mountain pass is renowned for the nearby Swallow Cave. The National Highway 209 traverses through the cliffs, with a Rainbow Bridge soaring between the two mountains. Walking on it is an exhilarating experience, offering breathtaking views of surrounding mountains that seem to embrace the sky. Yanzi Gap faces Tianmen Gap to the north, overlooking the valley of Zizhu River below. The cliffs are adorned with lush pine and spruce trees, while distant mountain ridges on either side resemble the outstretched wings of flying swallows, creating a serene and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price45 RMB
Opening Hours7.30 – 17.30 (1st April – 7th October)
8.00 – 17.00 (8th October – 31st March)
Telephone Number0086-4009942333

Location and Transportation

Yanzi Gap is located near Songbai Town in Shennongjia Forestry District, Hubei Province, along National Highway 209. To get there, To reach Yanzi Gap, you can charter a vehicle from Songbai Town. A small van with seating for seven people costs approximately 300 RMB per day. After exploring Yanzi Gap, you can also arrange for the driver to take you to Muyu Town.

Highlights of Yanzi Gap

Tianmen Gap (Gap to heaven)

Sitting at an elevation of 2328 meters, Tianmen Gap is the highest point on the National Highway 209 in Hubei province. During clear mornings, the pass is enveloped in mist or illuminated by slanting sunlight, creating a mystical ambiance. Clouds often drift through the mountain pass, giving it a concealed appearance. On overcast days, the mist lingers all day, requiring cars to use headlights and honk while passing through. The frequent cloud cover gives rise to the name “Tianmen Gap,” which translates to “Gap to Heaven.”

Swallow Cave (Yanzi Dong)

The cave entrance is expansive, leading to a large hall that is over 20 meters high and can accommodate thousands of people. The cave has three sections: a secluded passage on the right, a skyward-inclined tunnel on the left with sunlight piercing through, and a circular inner chamber. Inside the cave, stalactites hang down, stalagmites stand tall, and the constant dripping of water creates a melodic ambiance. Remarkably, the cave is home to millions of swallows year-round, with their nests covering the cave ceiling and cliffs.

Feiyun Bridge (Flying Cloud Bridge)

This steel structure spans across the gorge above Yanzi Gap and is the highest scenic bridge in Asia. The bridge offers panoramic views of the ever-changing natural landscape. The vast expanse of pristine forests, stretching beyond the horizon, captivates visitors with its astonishing beauty. The surrounding scenery includes aged and aromatic yellow boxwood, ancient and majestic rock cypress, and robust spruce trees. The forest is also inhabited by various wildlife, contributing to a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. The name “Flying Cloud Bridge” captures the bridge’s suspended and elevated nature, creating an experience that is both awe-inspiring and enchanting.

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