Wuyang River Scenic Area – Location and Highlights

wuyang river scenic area

The Wuyang River Scenic Area (舞阳河风景区) is a picturesque landscape located in the vicinity of Kaili, the capital of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, spanning the counties of Zhenyuan, Shibing, and Huangping. Stretching from the eastern Moon Bay in Zhenyuan to the former town of Huangping, the scenic area covers a total length of 95 kilometers and encompasses attractions such as the Wuyang River Three Gorges, Yuntai Mountain, Tiexi Stream, and the historical and cultural town of Zhenyuan.

Wuyang River features eight gorges, divided into upper and lower sections. The upper Wuyang scenic area begins 9 kilometers west of Shibing City, where visitors can embark on a 26-kilometer river cruise from the Guanyin Rock Tourist Pier. This section includes the Head Gorge, No Road Gorge, Old Cave Gorge, and Guanyin Gorge. Moving eastward for 6 kilometers to the Zhuge Cave Tourist Pier, visitors can explore the lower Wuyang scenic area with its four gorges: Zhuge Gorge, Dragon King Gorge, West Gorge, and East Gorge. Both sections of the river boast numerous bays, treacherous sandbars, towering peaks, and dense forests, creating an exceptionally beautiful landscape.

Location and Transportation

For travelers coming from Guiyang, Guizhou Province, you can take a train to Zhenyuan, which takes approximately 4 hours and costs around 41.5 yuan. Upon arrival, you can either take a taxi or walk about 1.4 kilometers to reach the Zhuge Cave Tourist Pier in Zhenyuan Ancient Town.

Highlights of Wuyang River

Boat Cruise

boat cruise in wuyang river

The ideal way to experience the Wuyang River Scenic Area is by taking a boat cruise downstream. Most visitors purchase boat tickets in the ancient town of Zhenyuan for a journey down the lower Wuyang. The approximately 2.5-hour boat trip allows passengers to drift along, witnessing peculiar peaks and unusual rock formations such as the Miao King Welcoming Guests, the Elephant Drinking Water, Tai Gong Fishing, and the Peacock Displaying its Feathers. During hot weather, adventurous travelers can even take a refreshing dip in the river, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Yuntai Mountain

yuntai mountain in wuyang river

Yuntai Mountain is a renowned Taoist site in Qiandongnan Prefecture. Although the Taoist temple at the mountain’s summit is dilapidated and devoid of priests, the natural scenery remains stunning. Sitting on the steep cliffs, one can observe the ever-changing clouds, experiencing a sense of otherworldly tranquility. For those wanting to extend their stay, there are farmhouse inns across from the entrance to Yuntai Mountain, offering reasonably priced accommodations.

Tiexi Stream

tiexi stream in wuyang river

Tiexi Stream, on the other hand, captivates visitors with its pure natural beauty. Following a forest path, breathing in the fresh air, one can reach the azure-blue Dragon Pool in about an hour. The journey is filled with serene natural landscapes, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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