3 different detailed two-day Shanghai itineraries for students

two-day shanghai itinerary for students

here are three detailed two-day itineraries for foreign students visiting Shanghai:

Itinerary 1: Historical and Cultural Experience

Day 1:

  • Morning: Start your day at The Bund, a famous waterfront area with a spectacular view of Shanghai’s iconic skyline. Walk along the Bund and learn about the historical significance of the buildings and the area.
  • Lunch: Try some delicious local food at a nearby restaurant, such as Xiao Long Bao, a type of steamed dumpling filled with pork and soup.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Shanghai Museum, where you can learn about Chinese history, art, and culture. Spend a few hours exploring the museum’s exhibits, including bronze, ceramics, calligraphy, and traditional costumes.
  • Dinner: Head to a nearby night market, such as the Yuyuan Bazaar, for dinner. Try some street food like stinky tofu or fried dumplings.
  • Evening: Take a Huangpu River Cruise to see the city skyline and lights at night.

Day 2:

  • Morning: Visit the Jade Buddha Temple, a beautiful temple with two jade Buddha statues brought from Myanmar. Learn about Buddhism and the temple’s history.
  • Lunch: Enjoy some delicious vegetarian food at the temple’s restaurant.
  • Afternoon: Head to the Old Town and visit the Yuyuan Garden, a classical Chinese garden with beautiful pavilions, rockeries, and ponds. Explore the nearby streets and alleyways for some shopping.
  • Dinner: Try some Shanghainese cuisine at a local restaurant, such as braised pork belly or hairy crab.
  • Evening: Attend a traditional Chinese performance, such as an acrobatic show or a musical performance.

Itinerary 2: Modern and Innovative Experience

Day 1:

  • Morning: Visit the Shanghai Tower, the world’s second-tallest building. Take the high-speed elevator to the observation deck and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city.
  • Lunch: Head to a nearby shopping mall, such as IAPM Mall, and try some fusion cuisine at a trendy restaurant.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, an interactive museum where you can learn about science and technology in an engaging way. Try some virtual reality experiences or watch a science show.
  • Dinner: Head to Xintiandi, a trendy pedestrian street with many restaurants and bars. Try some international cuisine or fusion dishes.
  • Evening: Visit a rooftop bar, such as Bar Rouge, for a stunning view of the city skyline at night.

Day 2:

  • Morning: Visit the Shanghai Disneyland Park, a magical theme park with many attractions and shows. Enjoy some thrill rides or watch a parade.
  • Lunch: Try some theme park food, such as turkey legs or churros.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Shanghai Museum of Glass, a unique museum with exhibits on glass art, science, and technology. Learn about the history of glass and try some glass-making activities.
  • Dinner: Head to a nearby restaurant, such as Mr and Mrs Bund, for some fine dining and a fusion menu.
  • Evening: Attend a live music performance at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra or Jazz at Lincoln Center Shanghai.

Itinerary 3: Nature and Outdoor Experience

Day 1:

  • Morning: Take a hike at the Sheshan National Forest Park, a scenic park with hiking trails, a temple, and a cable car ride. Enjoy the fresh air and greenery.
  • Lunch: Try some local food at a nearby restaurant, such as steamed fish or bamboo shoots.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Chenshan Botanical Garden, a large botanical garden with many themed gardens and exhibitions. Learn about plants and nature.
  • Dinner: Head to a nearby restaurant, such as Lost Heaven, for some ethnic cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere.

Day 2:

  • Morning: Take a day trip to Zhujiajiao, a charming water town with many canals and bridges. Take a boat ride and explore the town’s historic streets and buildings.
  • Lunch: Try some local delicacies at a street food stall or a riverside restaurant, such as sweet sesame pancakes or spicy noodles.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Dianshan Lake, a large freshwater lake surrounded by mountains and forests. Rent a boat or kayak and enjoy the peaceful scenery. Dinner:
  • Head back to Shanghai and try some fresh seafood at a restaurant near the Huangpu River, such as the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot or the Xibei Oat Noodle.
  • Evening: Take a night cruise along the Huangpu River and enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline at night. End the day with a visit to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, where you can see the city from above and take some memorable photos.

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