7 things to do in Nanluoguxiang

7 things to do in Nanluoguxiang

Nanluoguxiang is a famous historical street in Beijing, China. Here are some things you can do in Nanluoguxiang:

Explore the Hutongs: The Hutongs are the narrow alleyways that make up the heart of Nanluoguxiang. Take a walk through them and discover the many small shops, cafes, and restaurants that are hidden within.

Visit the Drum Tower: The Drum Tower is a historic building that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. It’s located near the southern end of Nanluoguxiang and offers great views of the surrounding area.

Try Local Food: Nanluoguxiang is home to many small restaurants and food stalls, serving up a variety of local dishes such as jianbing (Chinese crepes), Wangdouhuang, Chaogan, Zha Guanchang, Men Ding Rou Bing, and Tang Huo Shao.

Shop for Souvenirs: There are many small shops selling traditional Chinese crafts and souvenirs along Nanluoguxiang. You can find everything from handmade paper cuts to traditional Chinese clothing.

Visit the Bar Street: At night, Nanluoguxiang comes alive with its many bars and nightclubs. The Bar Street, located near the northern end of the street, is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

Take a Rickshaw Tour: For a unique experience, you can hire a rickshaw to take you around the Hutongs of Nanluoguxiang. It’s a great way to see the area and learn about its history from a local guide.

Visit the Lama Temple: The Lama Temple, also known as Yonghe Temple, is a famous Buddhist temple located near the northern end of Nanluoguxiang. It’s one of the largest and best-preserved Tibetan Buddhist temples outside of Tibet.

Overall, Nanluoguxiang is a great place to experience traditional Chinese culture, food, and architecture. Whether you’re interested in history, shopping, or nightlife, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighborhood.

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