Do I need my passport for Yuyuan Garden

Do i need my passport for yuyuan garden

Some tourist attractions in China require visitors to show their passports at the entrance. Is Yuyuan Garden one of them? Or, to put it in another way, do you need to bring your passport when traveling to Yuyuan Garden?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. According to the latest policy of the administration of Yuyuan Garden, visitors should book their tickets online with a valid ID (Chinese ID card, household register, passport, and so on) and pick the time they are going to pay a visit. Right now, the day is divided into morning and afternoon. The former is from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, while the latter is from 12.30 pm to 16.00 pm.

At the entrance, the worker will check your ID and your reservation. If it matches the registered information, you will be let in. But if the passport number or time mismatches, you will be persuaded to leave or make another reservation.

If you miss your booking or decide to cancel your trip after making the reservation, you can get a full refund from the platform selling the ticket. So, do not worry.

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