Is it yu Garden or Yuyuan Garden

the translation of yuyuan

If you are making your travel itinerary in Shanghai, you may be confused about the name of the famous tourist attraction Yuyuan, which is translated into Yu Garden in some places but Yuyuan Garden in others. Which one is its true name?

If we take it seriously, the correct translation should be Yu Garden. After all, its Chinese name is 豫园, where 豫 reads as Yu, meaning safe, joy, and peace, while 园 reads as Yuan, meaning garden. Combining together, it is Yu Garden, and this is also the name on its official website (

However, for two reasons, this place is often referred to as Yuyuan Garden. First, due to the unfamiliarity of Chinese, many foreigners take Yuyuan as a name, like Shanghai or Waitan, and think they should add the word “garden” to specify its feature. Second, Yu Garden coincides with a stage in a famous game. If you google it, you may get irrelevant results.

In conclusion, the correct name of the tourist attraction should be Yu Garden, but if you ask a local where Yuyuan Garden is, he or she can totally understand what you mean.

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