How to get to yuyuan garden from pudong airport by maglev

how to get yuyuan garden from putong airport by maglev

Shanghai maglev is currently the fastest train in the world and attracts many tourists. If your flight arrives at Pudong Airport and you want to take this fangle to Yuyuan Garden, here is what you should do.

1. Find the maglev station. The maglev station is on the second floor between Terminals 1 and 2. If you arrive at T1, you should first go upstairs and then take the south or middle walkway. If you arrive at T2, where the arrival hall is already on the second floor, you should directly take the south or middle walkway. After about 200 meters, you will see the maglev station.

2. Buy the ticket. You can buy the ticket at the office or on the auto machine. The price is 50 RMB for a one-way trip and 80 RMB for a round trip (valid for 7 days). If you have a generous budget, you may buy the VIP ticket, which costs 100 RMB and 160 RMB. You can enjoy a 20% discount by presenting an air ticket for the same day, saving 10 RMB.

3. Transfer to the subway. The maglev can only take you to the Longyang Road Station, and you need to transfer to subway line 2 here and then transfer to subway line 10 at Nanjing East Road Station.

4. Arrive at Yuyuan Garden. After getting off the subway at Yuyuan Station, you still need to walk another 680 meters to reach the entrance of the tourist attraction.

The whole journey will take you about 40 minutes: 7 minutes on the maglev, 15 minutes on subway line 2, 3 minutes on subway line 10, and 15 minutes on the walk.

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