How tall is the Oriental Pearl Tower

how tall is oriental pearl tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower stands at 468 meters (1535 feet) and is the 3rd highest building in Shanghai, the 8th-highest building in China, and the 14th-highest building in the world.

Before it, there is

  1. Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 meters/2717 feet)
  2. Shanghai Tower in Shanghai (632 meters/2073 feet),
  3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Mecca (601 meters/1972 feet),
  4. Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen (599.1 meters/1965 feet),
  5. Lotte World Tower in Seoul (554.5 meters/1819 feet),
  6. One World Trade Center in New York City (541.3 meters/1776 feet),
  7. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center in Guangzhou (530 meters/1739 feet),
  8. Tianjin CTF Finance Center in Tianjin (530 meters/1739 feet),
  9. CITIC Tower in Beijing (527.7 meters/1731 feet)
  10. Taipei 101 in Taipei (508 meters/1667 feet),
  11. Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai (492 meters/1614 feet),
  12. International Commerce Center in Hongkong (484 meters/1588 feet)
  13. Central Park Tower in New Yor City (472.4 meters/1550 feet)

There are three spheres in the tower open to the public. The first one, which is also the lowest one, is at 93 meters (305 feet) and houses Shanghai History Museum. The second one is at 272 meters (892 feet), consisting of a revolving restaurant, a viewing platform, and a deck with a transparent floor. The highest one is at 342 meters (1125), the perfect place to take a bird view of the city. It is also the smallest sphere in the Oriental Pearl Tower and is called the space module.

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