Oriental Pearl Tower Restaurant – Does it worth a visit

oriental pearl tower restaurant

The revolving restaurant is on the third deck (above the Sky Galleria and Transparent Sky Walking) in the second sphere of the Oriental Pearl Tower at 267 meters (875 feet). It is the highest revolving restaurant in Asia and can treat 350 guests at the same time. The big French windows allow you to take a bird-eye view of the metropolis while enjoying food.


This restaurant only provides a buffet, which covers a wide range of Chinese and western dishes, like steaks, pizza, salmon sashimi, roasted lamb ribs, Escargots, desserts, cakes, and ice creams. The pink and purple lights create a wedding-like atmosphere.


The lunch price is 268 RMB, and the dinner costs 318 RMB. But there are also two packages available. The first covers the buffet and the ticket to the second and the lowest spheres at 368 RMB. And the second one covers afternoon tea in the restaurant and the tickets to the two spheres for two people at 458 RMB.


However, unless you are starving while touring the Oriental Pearl Tower or are really into dining in a revolving restaurant, I would recommend against having meals there. Firstly, the long waiting is torturous. Although the restaurant can accommodate 350 people, you often need to wait about 1 hour to get a seat during peak times, i.e., weekends and public holidays, due to a large number of tourists.

Secondly, the food there is only passable. Most guests are tourists instead of locals, who are attracted by the description and the advertisement. At the same cost, you can enjoy a feast at high-rating restaurants on the bund right across the Huangpu River.

Thirdly, the dining time is limited to 2 hours, the time the restaurant needs to revolve 360 degrees. And the waiter will urge you to leave when the time is up, which is very unpleasant.

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