Kaifeng Soup Douplings

Kaifeng Soup Douplings

Kaifeng soup dumplings (开封灌汤包), also known as “xiaolong tangbao (小笼汤包),” originated in the Eastern Capital (present-day Kaifeng) during the Northern Song Dynasty, boasting a history of nearly a thousand years. At that time, Kaifeng served as a political, economic, and cultural center of China, bustling with activity and with a highly developed culinary culture. To satisfy people’s pursuit of delicious food, chefs created these thin-skinned, tender-filled, soup-filled dumplings. Over time, this dish gradually spread among the populace and became a signature snack in the Kaifeng region.

Ingredients: The main ingredients of Kaifeng soup dumplings are pork and flour. High-quality local pork is selected to ensure tender meat, while premium wheat flour is finely processed to make the dumpling skins thin and elastic.

Preparation: The preparation technique for Kaifeng soup dumplings is meticulous. First, the pork is minced into fine stuffing and mixed with appropriate seasonings and broth until well blended. Then, the flour and water are mixed in proportion to knead into dough, rolled into thin skins. Next, the stuffing is wrapped in the skin, sealed tightly to form dumplings. Finally, the dumplings are steamed in a steamer over high heat until cooked through.

Features: The distinctive feature of Kaifeng soup dumplings lies in their thin skins, tender fillings, and rich soup. The dumpling skin is thin as paper, translucent, and has a smooth texture. The filling is tender, juicy, and flavorful, while the soup is rich and mellow, melting in the mouth. Additionally, Kaifeng soup dumplings pay attention to the aesthetics of their shape and presentation, with uniformly shaped dumplings and clear pleats, arranged neatly and elegantly.

Consumption: There is a method to eating Kaifeng soup dumplings. Generally, one should gently lift the dumpling, bite a small hole in the skin, and slowly sip the soup inside. After finishing the soup, take a bite of the skin and filling to savor their deliciousness. While eating, one can pair the dumplings with some vinegar and garlic cloves to enhance the taste and flavor.

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