Qingtian River, Jiaozuo – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

qingtian river scenic area jiaozuo

Jiaozuo Qingtian River Scenic Area (青天河风景区) is a comprehensive mountain-water leisure and vacation destination that combines cultural experiences, landscape enjoyment, and eco-tourism. It is renowned as the “Three Gorges of the North” and holds several prestigious titles including a National 5A Tourist Attraction, a World Geopark, a National Key Scenic Area, a National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, a National Macaque Nature Reserve, and one of the top ten most charming scenic areas in Henan Province.

Spanning an expansive 106 square kilometers, Qingtian River Scenic Area comprises seven major tourist areas: Dam, Dachuan Lake, Sanggu Spring, Guanyin Gorge, Fuer Gorge, Jinjia Ridge, and Yuanshan Temple, along with 308 scenic spots. Each area offers its unique charm and features, providing visitors with a diverse range of experiences.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket Price70 RMB
Boat TripSingle Way: 45 RMB
Round Trip: 90 RMB
Cable CarUpward: 45 RMB
Downward: 40 RMB
Round: 80 RMB
Opening Hours7.30 – 17.30 (1st March – 31st October)
8.30 – 17.00 (1st November – 28th February)
Telephone Number0086-0391-8972910

Location and Transportation

Qingtian River Scenic Area is located in Bo’ai County, Jiaozuo, Henan Province. It is approximately 98 kilometers from Zhengzhou and 100 kilometers from Luoyang. Travelers can conveniently reach Jiaozuo by high-speed train and then transfer to a bus at the railway station to reach the scenic area.

Highlights of Qingtian River Scenic Area

Breathtaking Sceneries

breathtaking sceneries of qingtian river in jiaozuo

In the Dachuan Lake area, visitors are treated to the ethereal beauty of azure waters and deep valleys. The lake is primarily fed by the Sanggu Spring, renowned as the “First Spring of China.” Its broad surface, crystal-clear water, towering peaks, and lush greenery create a stunning panorama. Cruising on the lake, one can experience the serene and leisurely atmosphere, as if floating through “thousands of mountains,” providing a respite from worries and stress.

Within the gorge areas, visitors can stroll amidst the natural wonders and magnificent scenery. Both Guanyin Gorge and Fuer Gorge are famous gorge attractions in the scenic area, characterized by steep peaks and murmuring streams, offering tranquil and picturesque landscapes.

Yueshan Temple

yueshan temple in qingtian river in jiaozuo

Yueshan Temple, established in the year 1158 AD, holds significant historical importance as a renowned Buddhist sanctuary. Alongside Shaolin Temple and White Horse Temple, it is regarded as one of the three ancient temples of the Central Plains. At its zenith, Yueshan Temple housed over five hundred monks, boasted more than a thousand chambers, and amassed a vast collection of scriptures and Buddhist texts. Additionally, Yueshan Temple holds a prominent position as one of the birthplaces of Baguazhang, one of China’s three major martial arts. Presently, the temple complex features thirty-one brick pagodas, situated within an area spanning 800 meters north to south and 500 meters east to west. Constructed during the 8th century, these pagodas are considered treasures of brick architecture. Among them, a group of seven pagodas arranged in the order of the Big Dipper holds particular importance for the study of ancient astronomy.

Various Entertainment

various entertainment in qingtian river in jiaozuo

Qingtian River Scenic Area offers a variety of tourist activities and projects. Visitors can leisurely ascend on the Qingtian River Cableway, spanning 886.6 meters in length with a vertical drop of 475 meters, offering breathtaking views of the clouds. They can also stroll along the Love Glass Skywalk, stretching 520 meters in length with a glass surface of 131.4 meters, providing an aerial perspective of the majestic mountains and rivers. For those seeking thrills, there’s the exhilarating experience of zip-lining across high altitudes. These activities provide visitors with a myriad of choices and enjoyment.

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Other Attractions in Jiaozuo

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