Shanghai Drunken Crab – a delicious side dish

shanghai drunken crab

Shanghai drunken crab is a classic dish in Chinese cuisine that originated from Shanghai. It is made by soaking live crabs in a mixture of Chinese rice wine, ginger, and other seasonings until the crabs are intoxicated and pass out. Then, the crabs are steamed until fully cooked and served chilled or at room temperature.

The dish is known for its unique flavor and texture. The meat of the crab is tender and succulent, while the alcohol and seasonings penetrate into the flesh, creating a savory and aromatic flavor that is irresistible to many. The combination of the crab meat with the intoxicating sauce makes for a truly indulgent and satisfying experience.

When preparing Shanghai drunken crab, it is important to use only live, fresh crabs to ensure the best quality and flavor. The crabs are typically soaked in a mixture of Chinese yellow wine, Shaoxing wine, and ginger for several hours until they become intoxicated. The crabs are then steamed until fully cooked and served with a dipping sauce made from black vinegar, ginger, and sugar.

Shanghai drunken crab is a popular dish in China, particularly in the coastal regions where fresh seafood is abundant. It is often served at formal banquets and special occasions, as well as in restaurants and seafood markets. In addition, many people enjoy preparing and eating this dish at home, as it is a delicacy that is both easy and fun to make.

In conclusion, Shanghai drunken crab is a delicious and unique dish in Chinese cuisine that is beloved by many. If you have the opportunity to try Shanghai drunken crab, do not hesitate to savor this delightful delicacy.

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