Shanghai Maglev Stations – Location and Features

Shanghai Maglev Stations - Location and Features

The Shanghai Maglev Station, integral to the pioneering Shanghai Maglev Train line, encompasses two main stations: Longyang Road Station and Pudong International Airport Station. These stations play a crucial role in Shanghai’s advanced transit network, offering rapid and efficient travel between key urban locations and the international airport. With state-of-the-art facilities and strategic connections, the Shanghai Maglev Station exemplifies the city’s commitment to cutting-edge transportation solutions.

Longyang Road Station

Location: Longyang Road Station is situated at 2100 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, near Baiyang Road. It is conveniently located near Exits 3 and 4 of the Longyang Road Station on Metro Line 2.

Characteristics: Longyang Road Station serves as the starting point of the Shanghai Maglev Train. This station is a major transportation hub, facilitating easy transfers between Metro Lines 2, 7,16, and 18, making it the only five-line interchange station in Shanghai. The Maglev Train’s control center, located on the second floor of the station, acts as the “brain” of the operation, ensuring smooth and efficient train control and coordination.

Facilities: The station’s design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, featuring a streamlined, bullet-shaped exterior and a blue, arched steel roof that resembles a massive cannon ready to launch the high-speed maglev trains. Inside, passengers benefit from facilities such as automatic escalators, providing convenience and comfort for travelers. The station’s modern architecture and advanced amenities ensure a seamless travel experience.

Pudong International Airport Station

Location: Pudong International Airport Station is located within the Pudong International Airport complex, Shanghai, specifically positioned between Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). The station is managed and operated by the Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., Ltd.

Characteristics: This station serves as the eastern terminus of the Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Operation Line. Its strategic location within the airport’s transit hub allows passengers to walk to both T1 and T2 terminals in just five minutes. The station operates from 07:02 to 21:51, catering to the schedules of both domestic and international travelers.

Facilities: The station features two main entrances and is connected to the airport terminals via aerial walkways, allowing for swift and sheltered movement between the train and the airport. The second floor of the station offers a variety of affordable food options, breaking the stereotype of high-priced airport dining. This convenient amenity ensures that travelers can enjoy a quick and reasonably priced meal before continuing their journey.

Additional Infrastructure

In addition to the main stations, the Shanghai Maglev line is supported by a beam fabrication base and a maintenance base.

Beam Fabrication Base: Located on the southern side of the line, this facility is responsible for manufacturing the track beams required for the maglev system. The precise engineering and construction carried out here are crucial for the smooth and safe operation of the trains.

Maintenance Base: Situated near the Pudong International Airport Station, the maintenance base handles the assembly, testing, overnight parking, and regular maintenance of the maglev trains. This facility ensures that the trains remain in optimal condition, providing reliable and efficient service to passengers.


The Shanghai Maglev Station, encompassing both Longyang Road and Pudong International Airport stations, represents a significant advancement in urban transit technology. Its cutting-edge infrastructure and strategic location enhance the overall efficiency of Shanghai’s transportation network, offering passengers a rapid and convenient travel option.

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