Songzi Laifeng Bridge, Xitang

songzi laifeng bridge, Xitang

The Songzi Laifeng Bridge (送子来凤桥), also known as the “Rain-or-Shine Bridge,” stands gracefully on the eastern side of Xiaotong Street in Xitang Ancient Town, Jiaxing County, Zhejiang Province. Positioned at the heart of the town’s sightseeing route, this bridge is a must-visit among the town’s numerous ancient bridges, owing to its unique design and symbolic meaning of fertility and prosperity.

The construction of the Songzi Laifeng Bridge dates back to 1637 during the tenth year of the Ming Dynasty’s Chongzhen era. According to the “Xitang Town Annals,” the bridge derived its name from the sighting of a bird during its construction, which locals interpreted as an auspicious sign, thus naming it the “Songzi Laifeng Bridge.” It underwent reconstruction twice during the Qing Dynasty and was later rebuilt in 1997 to restore its classical appearance.

The Songzi Laifeng Bridge is a three-arch stone bridge, spanning 10 meters in width. It features a floral wall dividing the bridge into two sections: the southern part with steps symbolizing the ascent of men and the northern part with a slope suitable for women walking gracefully, symbolizing their role in managing the household. Legend has it that couples crossing the bridge, with the husband on the south side and the wife on the north, will be blessed with offspring. The bridge is topped with a traditional-style pavilion with red eaves and black tiles, blending antiquity with novelty. Additionally, there are railings on both sides of the bridge and long benches paved with square bricks, providing a resting spot for visitors to admire the scenery of the river below.

Moreover, the Songzi Laifeng Bridge serves as one of the two boat docks in the ancient town. Taking a wooden boat ride, whether during the day or at night, offers visitors a delightful experience to explore the charm of Xitang.

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