Bar Street in Xitang Ancient Town

Bar Street in Xitang Ancient Town

Located at the southern entrance of Xitang Ancient Town in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the Bar Street, also known as Tangdong Street (塘东街), stands as one of the most bustling and vibrant commercial streets within the ancient town. Renowned for its unique bar culture and lively nightlife, this street attracts numerous visitors eager to experience its vibrant atmosphere.

The genesis of Bar Street is closely intertwined with the historical and cultural backdrop of Xitang Ancient Town. As one of the most renowned ancient towns in Jiangnan with a history spanning over a millennium, Xitang was a commercial hub during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In ancient times, Tangdong Street was one of the most prosperous thoroughfares in Xitang, dotted with numerous taverns and shops. Today, propelled by the burgeoning tourism industry, Tangdong Street has undergone a transformation into Bar Street, emerging as a vital component of the town’s nightlife.

Bar Street boasts a plethora of bars, each with its unique decor and ambiance, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. These bars can be broadly categorized into two types: high-energy bars such as Dream Bar (爱梦酒吧), Gravity Bar (地心引力), West Wind Thin Horse (西风瘦马), Peach Blossom An (桃花庵), and Myth Bar (神话酒吧), characterized by pulsating music and lively dance floors, which attract a younger crowd looking to revel in the night; and quieter pubs like “Waiting for You in Xitang (我在西塘等你),” offering a serene environment with soft music, catering to those seeking a tranquil retreat.

Visitors to Bar Street can experience a blend of liveliness and tranquility characteristic of the ancient town. During the day, only a few bars may be open, serving afternoon tea, creating a relatively serene ambiance. However, as night falls, the street comes alive, with both sides lined with bars pulsating with various music and colorful lights. Promoters stand at the entrances, beckoning passersby to enter, while the street is adorned with vibrant red lanterns, exuding a distinctive charm.

Beyond bars, the vicinity of Bar Street is replete with dining establishments and shops, offering a myriad of culinary delights and unique souvenirs. Additionally, the street is in close proximity to attractions such as Anjing Bridge and the Wine Culture Museum, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the rich cultural ambiance while enjoying the scenic beauty of the ancient town.

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