Yongning Bridge in Xitang – Location and Highlights

yongning bridge xitang

Yongning Bridge (永宁桥), located in Xitang Ancient Town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China, specifically at No. 258 Nanyuan Road, is one of the town’s iconic landmarks. Originally named Liwang Bridge (李王桥), it was constructed in the 35th year of the Qing Emperor Qianlong’s reign (1770). Initially built to facilitate the passage of residents on both sides of the river, over time it evolved into a crucial link connecting the banks of the Xitang River.

Yongning Bridge is a single-arch stone bridge, measuring 47 meters in length, 6.5 meters in width, and 7.5 meters in height. Embedded in the middle of the bridge is a circular stone slab engraved with the shape of a reclining lotus. The bridge is adorned with eight stone lions, which were damaged several years ago but later restored by cultural heritage authorities using green stone.

Beyond its historical significance, Yongning Bridge offers an excellent vantage point for scenic views. Standing on the bridge, visitors can admire panoramic views of both banks of the Xitang River. To the north, the Long Covered Corridor extends like a winding dragon, gracefully lining the riverbank, where pedestrians and cyclists leisurely stroll beneath its shelter. This unique ambiance is a rarity among other ancient towns. To the south lies the rear of West Street, with a mix of tall and low-rise residential buildings lining the riverbank. Most of these structures date back to the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China era, characterized by high firewalls of grand mansions, traditional blue-gray tiled roofs, and stone river bridges.

Early risers can witness the gradual awakening of Xitang in the morning, while in the evening, the lantern-lit waters reflect the charm of a typical Jiangnan water town. The picturesque scenery of Yongning Bridge has captivated photographers and artists alike, becoming a sought-after location for their creative endeavors. Whether capturing the tranquility of dawn or the enchantment of dusk, Yongning Bridge offers an immersive experience into the timeless beauty of Xitang Ancient Town.

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