Bailian Pagoda, Wuzhen – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

Bailian Pagoda, Wuzhen

The Bailian Pagoda (白莲塔), also known as the White Lotus Pagoda, is a significant historical and cultural landmark located in Wuzhen Water Town. Constructed during the Chongning period of the Northern Song Dynasty (1102-1106), it originally stood north of the Ten Scenic Ponds in Wuzhen’s West Tianjing Alley. Due to its location in the western part of Wuzhen, it was affectionately referred to by locals as the West Treasure Pagoda, complementing the Shousheng Pagoda in the eastern part, giving rise to the concept of the East and West Treasure Pagodas in Wuzhen.

The original Bailian Pagoda had seven stories and was approximately 48 meters tall. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the wars between Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhang Shicheng in Wuzhen towards the end of the Yuan Dynasty. Subsequently, it underwent reconstruction twice during the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, it underwent multiple renovations, including in the 42nd year of the Kangxi reign, and the 13th and 18th years of the Qianlong reign. However, on the 24th day of the sixth lunar month in the seventh year of the Tongzhi reign, after standing for over 760 years, the pagoda collapsed.

In a fortunate turn of events, in 2005, the Wuzhen Ancient Town Protection and Tourism Development Management Committee reconstructed the Bailian Pagoda on Huanyuan Island beside the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the West Zone, faithfully replicating its original design.

The current Bailian Pagoda has seven tiers and stands at a height of 51.75 meters, making it the tallest structure in Wuzhen Ancient Town. It follows the architectural style prevalent in the Song and Yuan dynasties in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, featuring a brick-and-wood mixed structure tower-style pagoda. Its exterior presents a spindle-shaped appearance, gradually tapering inward from the first tier. Visitors ascending the pagoda can enjoy breathtaking views of the shimmering Grand Canal and the picturesque landscapes of Jiangnan. When illuminated by lights at night, the pagoda glows with a translucent beauty, enhancing its allure. The pagoda is surrounded by an octagonal lotus pond plaza, featuring a release pond and a stone boat by the riverside, providing spaces for relaxation and cultural immersion.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour30 minutes
Ticket PriceIncluded in the ticket for the western part of Wuzhen Water Town
Opening Hours9.00 – 22.00
Telephone Number0086-0573-88731088

Location and Transportation

The Bailian Pagoda is situated at No. 18 Shifonan Road, Wuzhen Scenic Area, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China. To get there, you can take bus Tongxiang K347, get off at Ciyun Road Stop (慈云路站), and walk about 600 meters to the northeast.

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