Fanta Pagoda (Pota Pagoda), Kaifeng – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

Fanta Pagoda Kaifeng

Fanta Pagoda (繁塔), originally named Xingci Pagoda or Pota Pagoda, is also known as Tianqing Temple Pagoda due to its location within the Tianqing Temple, one of the four major royal temples of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is commonly referred to as Fanta Pagoda because it stands atop the Fan Terrace. Standing as one of the oldest surviving structures in the Kaifeng area and serves as the first Buddhist pagoda built in the region, it represents a typical transition from a square-shaped pagoda to an octagonal one.

Construction of Fanta Pagoda commenced in the seventh year of the Kaibao reign (974 AD) of the Northern Song Dynasty, initiated by local bureaucrats who raised funds from the public for its construction. Originally consisting of nine tiers, it stood approximately 76 meters tall. However, during the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Chengzu Zhu Di found the height of Fanta Pagoda to surpass that of buildings in the capital city of Nanjing, considering it to be too imposing. Consequently, six tiers of the pagoda were dismantled in a campaign named “Chai Wang Qi” (Removing Royal Aura). Another theory suggests that two tiers were destroyed by lightning when the Ming Dynasty took over, and then four tiers were subsequently removed. Today, only three tiers remain, with a total height of approximately 36.68 meters.

Fanta Pagoda is a hexagonal pagoda with a circular top on the base level, and the supporting eaves almost perpendicular to the hexagon. Its floor plan is hexagonal, with a double-layered wall and an open chamber in the center. More than 7,000 Buddha bricks are embedded inside and outside the pagoda, each featuring a recessed circular niche with carvings of Bodhisattvas, Arhats, and musicians, totaling 108 different Buddha images, creating a unique artistic style.

The pagoda currently houses 199 stone carvings, including 187 inscriptions, making it a vast treasure trove of calligraphy. Due to its long history and extensive inscriptions, Fanta Pagoda preserves a comprehensive collection of Kaifeng’s early Northern Song Dynasty Kai-style calligraphy, holding significant research value in the history of Chinese calligraphy and enjoying a respected position in the annals of calligraphy history.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour0.5 – 1 hour
Ticket Price15 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.30 (1st October – 30th April)
8.00 – 18.00 (1st May – 30th September)
Telephone Number0086-0371-23929866

Location and Transportation

Fanta Pagoda is located at 30 Fanta West Street, Yuwangtai District, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, China, near the Yuwang Terrace Park. To get there, you can take bus 12 or 15, get off at Yuwang Terrace West Gate Stop (禹王台西门站), and walk about 500 meters to the south.

Vlog about Fanta Pagoda

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