Where is Oriental Pearl Tower

where is oriental pearl tower

Oriental Pearl Tower is located in Shanghai, at the tip of Lujiazui financial center, on the bank of Huangpu River, opposite the bund, and to the east of the city center. Its address is 1 Shiji Blvd, Lujiazui, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai, China.

The area is like the City of London in the UK and the Wall Street in America. As the most prosperous and wealthy area in Shanghai, it is the symbol and representation of modern Shanghai.

To its north are the oriental pearl park, Shanghai aquarium, and various fancy restaurants. To its east are the skyscrapers of financial institutions, such as banks and securities companies, and headquarters of multi-national firms. To its south are three high-end shopping malls, including Super Brand Mall, Shanghai International Financial Center Mall, and Jinmao Fashionable Life Center, where you can find almost all the luxury brands. To its west is the Huangpu River, and across the river is the famous bund.

The nearest bus stop to the Oriental Pearl Tower is Lujiazui Huanlu Fenghelu, the converging point of two roads. Once you get off the bus, you will find the tower standing right in front of you. The nearest metro station is Lujiazui on line 2. There is a station of the same name on line 14. If you get off there, you will have to walk for extra 200 meters. There are many parking lots around. You can drive there conveniently.

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