Jizhao Nunnery in Cangshan Mountain – Ticket, Opening Hours, and Highlights

jizhao nunnery in cangshan mountain

Jizhao Nunnery (寂照庵), nestled at the southern foothills of the Shengying Peak in Cangshan Mountain Scenic Area, Dali City, Yunnan Province, can be reached via the Gantong Cableway entrance after leaving Gantong Temple. The nunnery exudes an aura of tranquility amidst lush greenery, with towering pines and ancient cypresses enveloping the surroundings, while the scent of incense wafts gently through the forest, creating a serene ambiance befitting a Buddhist sanctuary.

Originally constructed during the early Ming Dynasty, Jizhao Nunnery suffered partial destruction during periods of warfare. In the Republican era, it was meticulously restored under the supervision of Tang Jiyao, the then governor of Yunnan, who personally inscribed the three large characters “Jizhao An” (寂照庵) above the entrance gate. The name of the nunnery, meaning “Quiet Reflection Illuminates,” reflects the spiritual essence of Buddhist contemplation and introspection.

The architecture of Jizhao Nunnery harmoniously blends the solemnity of Buddhism with the delicate aesthetics associated with femininity. The buildings within the nunnery were constructed using stones and old wood donated by local villagers, while the interior décor was meticulously designed by an artisan from Hangzhou, utilizing entirely recycled materials, symbolizing a gradual and mindful transformation. The nunnery is adorned with a variety of succulent plants, roses, magnolias, and other flowers, each carefully arranged to convey profound symbolism and imbue the air with natural fragrance.

Jizhao Nunnery adheres to a unique Buddhist practice where devotees offer flowers rather than burning incense as a sign of reverence to the Buddha, emphasizing the importance of expressing devotion through sincerity rather than ritual. Additionally, the nunnery is known for its distinctive vegetarian meals, meticulously prepared and served in generous portions, with strict instructions against leftovers, lest one incurs the punishment of kneeling before the Buddha statue for the duration of an incense stick. This exemplifies the nunnery’s commitment to fostering disciplined adherence to spiritual practices among its residents and visitors alike.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour15 – 30 minutes
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-0872-2683551

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