Mowei Mountain Scenic Area, Chongqing – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and highlights

mowei mountain scenic area

Mowei Mountain Scenic Area (摩围山景区), nestled in the southern part of Pengshui’s “A-Hundred-Mile Wujiang Gallery,” spans an impressive 1,910.2 hectares. This enchanting region boasts a diverse landscape of towering peaks, winding valleys, and geological wonders like stone forests, towering cliffs, sinkholes, rifts, and extensive caves. Beyond its geological marvels, Mowei Mountain offers a tapestry of celestial wonders, including misty mountains, mesmerizing sunrises, and sunsets, along with pristine forests hosting ancient trees and the beauty of the boundless seas.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket Price50 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-023-78866666

Location and Transportation

Mowei Mountain Scenic Area is situated within the Maoyunshan National Forest Park in Pengshui County, Chongqing, China. It is approximately 30 kilometers away from the county’s center.

To reach Mowei Mountain Scenic Area from Chongqing, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start your journey by taking a long-distance bus from convenient locations like Chongqing Shizhu Bus Terminal (重庆石柱客运总站), Qianjiang West Bus Station (黔江西站), or Sigongli Jiaotong Transfer Hub (四公里交通换乘枢纽), among others, to reach Pengshui County.
  2. Once you arrive at the Pengshui Bus Station, proceed to the Hongjun Du Square (bus stop) on foot.
  3. At the Hongjun Du Square, board the direct shuttle bus to Mowei Mountain Scenic Area.
  4. Stay on the bus until it reaches the Mowei Mountain Health Resort Hotel (bus stop), where you can disembark.

Highlights of Mowei Mountain

Majestical Peak

majestic peak in mowei mountain scenic area

Mowei Mountain reaches an elevation of 1,394 meters above sea level, rising majestically into the clouds, making it a subject of admiration for countless poets and scholars throughout history. The famed poet Bai Juyi eloquently captured the essence of Mowei Mountain and the Wujiang Gorge in his verse, stating, “Under Mowei Mountain’s hues, within the Moonlit Gorge, voices resound.” This evocative description reflects the breathtaking scenery of Mowei Mountain and the Wujiang Gorge.

Cloud Top Temple

cloud top temple in mowei mountain scenic area

On the eastern side of Mowei Mountain’s peak, a colossal stone pillar called the “Yusu Xianyan” rises abruptly. Atop this pillar once stood the ancient “Cloud Top Temple,” founded in the first year of Emperor Bao Ying’s reign during the Tang Dynasty (762 AD). It underwent multiple renovations over the years, including a significant reconstruction in the 45th year of the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty (1706 AD). Covering an area of 450 square meters, this temple was accessible only from the west side, as the other three sides were surrounded by sheer cliffs. Unfortunately, the temple was destroyed in the early 1960s, but remnants like the stone pillar, stone gate, temple walls, and inscriptions still bear witness to its historical significance.

Well-Established Facilities

well-established facilites in mowei mountain scenic area

The Mowei Mountain Scenic Area can be divided into five main sections:

  1. Health and Wellness Zone: This area caters to wellness and healing, offering a range of facilities such as the Zhouyi Ecological Park, Medicinal Herb Valley, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall, Medicinal Cuisine Restaurant, Longevity Wellness Center, and the Cloud Peak Daoist Pavilion.
  2. Ecological Sightseeing: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing landscapes of the region, which includes attractions like the Skywalk Corridor (comprising calligraphy paths, thrilling walkways, meditation platforms, tranquility platforms, and the Poetry and Art Pavilion), the Tiankeng Garden, Flower Sea Sky Lake, Day and Night Observation Deck, and the Red Sky Green Field Observation Deck.
  3. Adventurous Forest: For those seeking exhilarating experiences, Mowei Mountain offers health-promoting stair climbing routes, high-altitude golfing, an equestrian club, mountain biking, and high-altitude skiing and snow sports.
  4. Forest Relaxation: Take a break in the forest and explore the Painter’s Salon, Mowei Library, Muxiangzhai, Rose Garden, and a wild kiwifruit orchard.
  5. Catering, Accommodation, Meetings, and Entertainment Facilities: Mowei Mountain Scenic Area ensures you are well-fed, rested, and entertained with a range of dining, lodging, meeting, and entertainment options.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Parking Convenience: Each small scenic spot within Mowei Mountain has designated parking areas, making it very convenient for visitors. However, it’s worth noting that the roads leading up the mountain can be narrow, so drivers should proceed with caution, especially if there is heavy traffic.

Viewing Sunrise and Sunset: For spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset, visitors can head to the Feiyun Observation Deck. The combination of cliffs and precipices with the backdrop of the sun rising or setting creates stunning scenery. This location is also perfect for photography enthusiasts, as the views make for beautiful pictures.

Camping Facilities: The camping base at Mowei Mountain is extensive and offers various accommodation options. In addition to the wooden camping sites, there are several wooden cabins available. Visitors can choose from refined camping experiences, setting up their own campsites, or staying in forest cabins. This diversity provides options suitable for different preferences and needs.

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