Red Stone Gorge in Yuntai Mountain

Red Stone Gorge in Yuntai Mountain

Red Stone Gorge (红石峡) is a hallmark area within the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area in Jiaozuo, stretching for approximately 1,500 meters. Its name comes from the red-colored rocks within the gorge, earning it the reputation of being a “gallery of nature’s finest landscapes.” Here, you’ll find the majestic grandeur of northern mountains and the enchanting beauty of southern rivers. As you stroll along the pathways within the gorge, you’ll be surrounded by towering cliffs on both sides, creating a breathtaking vista of interlocking peaks. Lush vegetation fills the gorge, and numerous waterfalls and streams can be seen, their soothing sounds reminiscent of the tranquil waters and green hills of southern China.

The entire gorge also serves as a geological museum, showcasing rocks from various geological periods. If you’re a geology enthusiast, you’ll marvel at the limestone rocks from the Ordovician period 400 million years ago, the limestone from the Cambrian period 500 million years ago, and the purple-red quartz sandstone from the Proterozoic era 1 billion years ago. At the Bai Long Tan (White Dragon Pool) in Red Stone Gorge, geologists have even discovered zircons dating back 3.4 billion years, making them some of the oldest rocks found on Earth.

Red Stone Gorge boasts unique Danxia landform canyon landscapes rarely seen in northern China. Visitors can marvel at the Bai Long Pu (White Dragon Waterfall), the first hanging waterfall in the valley, cascading down in three tiers with a vertical drop of over 60 meters. The Hei Long Dong (Black Dragon Cave), with its 30-meter length, offers a cool retreat with intriguing rock formations and a gentle breeze. The Yixian Tian (One-Line Sky), where the watercourse cuts through the mountainside, creates a narrow passage between towering cliffs, leaving only a slender strip of sky visible.

The Huang Long Tan (Yellow Dragon Pool), about 20 to 30 meters wide, enchants visitors with its deep blue waters and clear visibility to the bottom, adorned with numerous and highly picturesque peculiar rocks. Other notable attractions include the Xiang Wen Shi (Kissing Rocks), two red-colored rocks emerging from the water resembling a romantic embrace, said to represent the romanticized forms of the Black and White Dragon Kings’ daughter and son; the Xiao Yao Shi (Carefree Rock), a natural wonder half submerged in water with natural and elegant textures; and the Tian Ran Bi Hua (Natural Wall Paintings), where water flowing down the rock surface creates a spectacular display of colorful lights under the sunlight, complemented by green moss and plants, forming a unique natural artwork.

The Black Dragon Cave, with its profound and mysterious atmosphere, features vividly colored waters reflecting the bright and vibrant scenes emitted from the vermilion-colored mountain. Visitors can boat on the pool, swim in its clear waters, or take a leisurely stroll along its banks. The Hanging Rock, wedged between two towering cliffs, seemingly precarious, evokes a sense of awe. Overall, Red Stone Gorge offers an immersive experience in nature’s marvels, blending geological wonders with stunning landscapes that captivate visitors with their beauty and grandeur.

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