Tanpu Valley in Yuntai Mountain – Location and Highlights

Tanpu Valley in Yuntai Mountain

Tucked away in the northern reaches of Mount Yuntai in Jiaozuo, slightly westward, lies the picturesque Tanpu Valley (潭瀑峡), also known as Xiaozhai Gully. Stretching approximately 1,270 meters in length, this valley meanders in a north-south direction, serving as one of the headwaters of the Zifang River. Enclosed by towering peaks and sheer cliffs, the valley boasts a rugged landscape, with bare bedrock juxtaposed against the stunning peaks of Jingshow Peak to the west, creating a striking contrast.

Renowned for its enchanting water features, Tanpu Valley is celebrated for its mantra: “Three Steps, One Spring; Five Steps, One Waterfall; Ten Steps, One Pool.” Here, visitors are treated to a mesmerizing array of cascading waterfalls, bubbling springs, colorful pools, and dramatic rock formations. The crystalline waters of the pools are so clear that the bottom is visible, while the thundering waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides, leaving viewers in awe of their sheer power. At the end of the valley, the towering cliffs encircle to form a unique “U”-shaped amphitheater, offering a sense of awe-inspiring enclosure and tranquility reminiscent of gazing up at the vast expanse of the sky from within a well.

Among the notable attractions within the valley are:

  • Duxian Pool: This tranquil pool, with its deep and serene waters, exudes an air of mystique and tranquility. Legend has it that drinking from this pool bestows immortality upon those who partake, adding to its allure and charm.
  • Lover’s Waterfall: Aptly named, this waterfall cascades down from high rocky precipices in three tiers, with each tier featuring two waterfalls that converge into a single pool below, evoking the image of lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other.
  • Y-shaped Waterfall: Standing over ten meters tall, this waterfall descends into a pool with a depth of five to six meters, creating a Y-shaped formation as it cascades down from two separate tiers of rock.
  • Water Curtain Cave: A natural cavern adorned with a canopy of water grass and stone, this cave features a stunning water curtain that descends from the ceiling, resembling glistening pearls suspended in mid-air.
  • Jadeite Pool: Nestled within the canyon, this emerald-green pool captivates with its serene beauty, appearing like a precious jade embedded amidst the rugged terrain. Adjacent to the pool, a funnel-shaped feature continuously releases water, ensuring a perpetual flow year-round.

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