Zhuyu Peak in Yuntai Mountain

zhuyu peak in yuntai mountain

Zhuyu Peak (茱萸峰), one of the prime attractions of Yuntai Mountain in Jiaozuo, stands proudly as the highest peak in the scenic area, reaching an elevation of 1297.6 meters (some sources cite 1308 meters). Legend has it that Emperor Zhenwu, the True Warrior Emperor, once diligently practiced asceticism here, eventually achieving immortality. As a result, this place became renowned as a sacred site of Taoism, where pilgrims from miles around would come to burn incense and make wishes, believing fervently in its miraculous powers. Gradually, it earned the affectionate nickname “Xiao Beiding,” meaning “Little Northern Summit,” due to its proximity to the North Heavenly Gate, believed to be frequently visited by celestial beings who grant the prayers of worshippers, thus prompting them to return to express their gratitude.

The lush vegetation of Zhuyu Peak blankets the landscape, with ancient trees towering overhead, including millennium-old specimens of Chinese torreya, maple trees, and Taihang flowers. The forest coverage extends up to an impressive 93%, creating a verdant sanctuary for wildlife and nature enthusiasts alike. Nestled on the mountainside lies the Medicine King Cave, plunging 30 meters deep and spanning 10 meters in diameter, fabled to be the place where Sun Simiao, a renowned physician from the Tang Dynasty, gathered herbs and concocted elixirs. At the entrance of the Medicine King Cave stands a majestic ancient Chinese torreya, standing approximately 20 meters tall with a trunk so thick it would take the embrace of three people to encircle it, its lush foliage and estimated millennium-old age making it a rare national treasure. Additionally, the peak is dotted with over a dozen caves, such as the “Kitchen Cave,” “Yanwang Cave,” and “Yellow Mud Cave,” each shrouded in its own mystique. Among these natural wonders lies the famous One Bucket Spring, where water bubbles up from the earth like a miniature well, never drying up or overflowing throughout the year.

Ascending the thousand steps of the Cloud Ladder Trail to reach the summit of Zhuyu Peak, visitors are rewarded with breathtaking panoramic vistas. Looking out, the gleaming silver ribbon of the Yellow River comes into view, while below, a sea of peaks undulates like waves frozen in time. The climate at the summit is notoriously changeable, with winds suddenly whipping up and clouds billowing forth, obscuring the sun in a cloak of white mist. Peaks emerge and vanish amidst the swirling clouds, evoking a sense of otherworldly enchantment akin to stepping into a celestial realm.

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