Qinglong Gorge in Yuntai Mountain

Qinglong Gorge in Yuntai Mountain

Qinglong Gorge (青龙峡) is located in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, and is one of the main attractions of Yuntai Mountain, renowned as the “largest canyon in Yuntai Mountain.” Stretching approximately 7.5 kilometers, with a total area of about 108 square kilometers, the gorge boasts rich geological relics. Over 3 billion years, it has witnessed the formation of geological strata spanning from the Archean to the Quaternary. Multiple tectonic movements, particularly since 23 million years ago, coupled with intense erosion, have sculpted the canyon landscape with opposing cliffs and dynamic features like waterfalls, springs, streams, and pools.

The region is located in a warm temperate semi-humid area, with a climate influenced by the Mongolian High Pressure, characterized by a continental monsoon climate. It receives an annual precipitation of 644 millimeters. The four seasons are distinct, with dry winters, windy springs, rainy summers, and clear and mild autumns. The average annual temperature ranges from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius.

Qinglong Gorge integrates various landforms such as peaks, cliffs, ridges, plateaus, valleys, ravines, rivers, waterfalls, and caves, creating a unique natural landscape. Major attractions include the Qinglong Peak, Wanglong Waterfall, Backflow Spring, Seven-color Pool, and caves. The main peak, Qinglong Peak, towering at an altitude of 1323 meters, offers a magnificent panoramic view, making visitors feel as if they are “overlooking the world from a high vantage point.” With over 20 caves of various sizes, including Qinglong Cave, Huanglong Cave, Liangqinjia Cave, and Sanguan Cave, the gorge boasts peculiar cave landscapes of diverse forms that never fail to astonish and amaze.

Vegetation in the area is dense and diverse, comprising over 600 species from 80 different categories, with a forest coverage rate of 95%. Notably, there are rare ancient trees such as millennium Podocarpus, millennium Phoebe zhennan, and parasitic trees. The region also hosts evergreen species like Chinese Red Pine and Chinese Juniper, as well as wild mountain delicacies such as Cordyceps sinensis and Chinese yam.

Qinglong Gorge offers a variety of tourist activities such as speedboat surfing, bungee jumping, rappelling, and rock climbing, providing visitors with rich outdoor experiences.

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