Hui Mian Noodles – the most popular noodles in Henan

Hui Mian Noodles

Hui Mian noodles (烩面), originating from Henan Province, China, boast a long and illustrious history. According to historical records, this kind of food first appeared during the late Eastern Han Dynasty as a variant of coarse pancake noodles. Over time, through continuous innovation and improvement in noodle-making techniques by the people of Henan, Hui Mian noodles gradually developed into a distinctive local delicacy. During the Tang Dynasty, the production process was further refined and perfected, incorporating a wider variety of ingredients and seasonings, enhancing their deliciousness. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Hui Mian noodles had become popular street food widely enjoyed by the masses.

The preparation of Hui Mian noodles involves meticulous attention to detail. Typically made from high-gluten flour, the dough undergoes a process of kneading and resting three times to achieve the best elasticity and brightness. Once cooked, these noodles exhibit a chewy texture and a semi-flat, round shape, making them perfect for pairing with various soup bases and toppings.

The essence of Hui Mian noodles lies in their soup base. Premium tender lamb meat and lamb bones are simmered together for over five hours. The broth is first boiled vigorously over high heat and then simmered over low heat, infused with seven or eight Chinese medicinal herbs. The resulting broth is clear and bright, resembling milk, earning it the nickname “white soup.” This rich and flavorful broth adds depth and nutritional value to the Hui Mian noodles.

The variety of toppings available for Hui Mian noodles is extensive. Common toppings include shredded seaweed, tofu, vermicelli, cilantro, quail eggs, sea cucumber, and squid. These toppings not only enhance the texture of the noodles but also provide a wealth of nutrients.

When serving, the cooked noodles are placed in a bowl, topped with the rich broth and toppings, and garnished with cilantro, chili oil, garlic sugar, and other condiments according to personal preference. This eating style not only offers delicious flavors but also provides an economical and satisfying dining experience. If you have the opportunity to visit Henan Province or taste local cuisine, be sure not to miss out on the delightful Hui Mian noodles.

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