Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup – Huangyu Mian

yellow croaker noodle soup in shanghai

Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup (黄鱼面) is a popular dish in Shanghai that is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. This flavorful soup is made with fresh yellow croaker fish and served with a bed of noodles, creating a delicious and filling meal that is perfect for any time of day.

Yellow croaker is a type of fish that is commonly found in the coastal waters of China. It has a delicate, sweet flavor that is enhanced when it is cooked in a savory broth. To make the soup, the yellow croaker is first cleaned and filleted, and then simmered in a pot with water and a variety of seasonings. This process allows the flavors of the fish to infuse into the broth, creating a rich and delicious base for the soup.

The noodles used in Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup are typically thin and springy, and can be made from a variety of different ingredients such as wheat flour or rice flour. They are cooked separately and then added to the soup along with the fish, creating a hearty and satisfying dish.

Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup is often garnished with a variety of toppings such as sliced green onions, cilantro, and pickled vegetables. These toppings add a bright and refreshing element to the soup, and help to balance out the rich and savory flavors of the broth and fish.

In Shanghai, Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup can be found in many different restaurants and street food vendors throughout the city. It is a popular dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is often served with a side of steamed vegetables or a small salad.

Overall, Yellow Croaker Noodle Soup is a delicious and satisfying dish that is loved by many in Shanghai. Its rich and savory broth, tender yellow croaker fish, and springy noodles make for a delightful meal that is sure to please any palate.

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