Jinsuo Island, Dali – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

Jinsuo Island, Dali

Jinsuo Island (金梭岛, Gold Shuttle Island), with a length of approximately 2000 meters and an average width of about 370 meters, covers a total area of 740,000 square meters. Located 250-600 meters from the eastern shore of Erhai Lake in Dali, it is renowned as the largest and most esteemed island among the three islands of Erhai Lake. According to legend, a celestial maiden skilled in weaving colorful brocade dropped her golden shuttle into Erhai Lake, which transformed into the island, thus creating a heavenly landscape on earth. Another interpretation suggests that the island’s shape resembles a weaving shuttle, and when the sunrise casts its rays upon the waters of Erhai Lake, it creates a shimmering effect resembling golden threads on the island, hence the name Jinsuo Island.

Not only does Jinsuo Island boast breathtaking natural scenery, but it also has a rich historical and cultural significance. During the time of the Nanzhao Kingdom, due to the island’s tranquil beauty, pleasant climate, evergreen flora, and continuous chirping of birds, the Nanzhao king constructed a summer palace here, naming it “Sheli Shuicheng” or “City of Buddha Relics and Water.” The imposing red walls and yellow tiles of Sheli Shuicheng, along with structures like the Wanghai Tower, Fishing Platform, and Royal Garden, made it a favored summer retreat for the Nanzhao royalty. Moreover, Jinsuo Island is also home to an ancient Bai ethnic fishing village, where the villagers’ rustic courtyards, adorned with fishing nets and shrimp cages, add vitality to this serene fishing village.

Another unique attraction within Jinsuo Island is the Dragon Palace, a natural cave formed within the island. The cave is adorned with a variety of natural wonders such as stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and other formations, stretching approximately 1300 meters. With its surreal beauty and constant temperature throughout the year, the Dragon Palace is a popular destination for tourists seeking refuge from both winter cold and summer heat.

Visitors to Jinsuo Island can enjoy boat tours on Erhai Lake, admiring the picturesque landscapes of the lake and surrounding mountains. Additionally, the island is home to several temples and shrines, including the Guanyin Temple and Sannata Temple, where visitors can immerse themselves in the religious ambiance and cultural heritage of the area.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceAdmission: Free
Round Boat Trip: 20 RMB
Round Boat Trip + Dragon Palace: 168 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 18.00
Telephone Number0086-0872-2479333

Location and Transportation

Jinsuo Island is situated on the eastern shore of Erhai Lake in Haidong Town, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China, near Tianjing Pavilion. To reach Jinsuo Island, visitors can take a cruise or a fishing boat from the Jinsuo Island Pier in Haidong Town. Boats depart every 15 minutes, with a travel time of approximately 5 minutes to reach the island.

Vlog about Jinsuo Island

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