Sakura Valley in Wuliang Mountain, Dali – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

Sakura Valley in Wuliang Mountain

Sakura Valley (樱花谷), nestled in Wuliang Mountain (无量山) at an altitude of 2175 meters, owes its name to the winter cherry blossoms planted within the tea gardens, earning it the title of “the earliest arrival of spring.” Covering an area of approximately 2000 acres, the valley is adorned with three distinct clusters of cherry blossom trees. From mid to late November through early to mid-December, the cherry blossoms burst into full bloom, transforming Wuliang Mountain into a picturesque realm of earthly paradise. The delicate pink blossoms, lush green tea gardens, and expansive forests create a breathtaking spectacle.

The genesis of Sakura Valley can be attributed to a Taiwanese tea farmer’s serendipitous act over a decade ago. Seeking shade for the organic tea trees nestled within the mountains, he planted thousands of winter cherry blossom trees among the tea bushes. Over the years, these winter cherry blossom trees flourished, adorning the winter landscape with vibrant blooms. Once known as “She Yao Jing,” or “the Waist of the Snake” by locals, the area was later renamed Sakura Valley due to the proliferation of winter cherry blossom trees.

Sakura Valley in Wuliang Mountain is renowned not only for its stunning cherry blossoms but also for its rich cultural heritage and unique geographical location, attracting numerous visitors. Situated in Nanjian County, Dali Prefecture, this region is celebrated as a prime tea-producing area, earning the moniker of “hometown of tea.” The juxtaposition of tea gardens and cherry blossoms creates a captivating landscape, adding to the allure of the valley. Moreover, Sakura Valley has gained widespread recognition due to its association with the martial arts novel “The Return of the Condor Heroes” by Jin Yong, affectionately referred to by netizens as “the residence of immortal sisters.”

Furthermore, the scenic area is equipped with observation decks, restrooms, dining facilities, and accommodations, making it a comprehensive tourist destination catering to sightseeing, travel, and photography enthusiasts alike. It serves as a haven for photography enthusiasts, offering unparalleled opportunities to capture the enchanting beauty of cherry blossoms amidst the majestic backdrop of Wuliang Mountain.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 hours
Ticket Price50 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 19.00

Location and Transportation

Sakura Valley is situated within the territory of De’an Village, Wuliang Mountain Town, Nanjian Yi Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Public transportation is limited in the area, so it’s more convenient to reach by self-driving or chartering a vehicle.

Vlog about the Sakura Valley

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